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 razor e100 electric scooter

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My Post About The Razor e100 Electric Scooter:

The Razor e100 Electric Scooter Has Fantastic Reviews All Over The Internet...

And as usual, Amazon has the best prices on the market for most items that I have research ... At the time of this writing the razor e100 electric scooter was going for $79.00 I couldn't find a lower price anywhere else, plus they have free shipping and 30 days return policy, which is the best return policy on the internet today.

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Features of the razor e100 electric scooter

•    Streamlined electric scooter that includes a quiet motor and a throttle with twist-grip operation
•    Must first start movement manually to a speed of 3 mph before you can start the motor with the trigger.
•    The razor e100 electric scooter has brakes that are operated with the hands
•    Scooter can reach speeds of 10 mph, lasts as long as 40 minutes on each charge
•    For ages 8 and up, not to exceed the maximum weight of 120 pounds.
•    90 day warranty
Description of razor e100 electric scooter

You can be the envy of your block if you ride the motorized razor e100 electric scooter. The motor is driven by a chain and comes with a convenient throttle with twist-grip operation. This scooter is ideal for older children or teenagers to make quick trips around the neighborhood or town.
The razor e100 electric scooter differs from the other models because the motor does not start when the rider is standing still. The rider must first accelerate the scooter by hand to a speed of three mph before they can engage the motor by activating the trigger.
After the motor is engaged, the scooter can reach speeds as high as 10 mph, which is just the right speed. It is fast enough to allow you to have fun but not so fast that you are a danger to people around you. The battery is rechargeable and lasts up to forty minutes per charge, and charging takes approximately 8 hours.
The handlebars fold down which makes the scooter easy to transport. The front tire is pneumatic and 8 inches in size, while the rear wheel is made of polyurethane and is 4.9 inches. It also features a brake that is operated manually.

The razor e100 electric scooter can be used by children over the age of 8, and has a weight limit of a maximum of 120 pounds. The scooter includes two 12-volt batteries, a charger, and all tools required to put it together. Finally, the E100 has a 90 day warranty.
It is important to note that the buyer and user of this product should be aware of all the relevant laws in regards to using scooters, and act in accordance to them.


Important Features of the razor e100 electric scooter:

•    Fun and Fast with a max speed of 10 mph
•    A maximum use time of 40 minutes per charge
•    Motor that is chain operated with a large torque
•    Throttle with twist grip
•    Back wheel made of 125 millimeter polyurethane
•    Battery that can be recharged
•    Front tire that is pneumatic with a size of 8"
•    Suitable for ages 8 and up
•    Maximum weight: 120 lbs

About the Razor company:

Razor USA, LLC was created in June 2000 in the city of Cerritos, California. The own the rights to the Razor® brand of products. They were responsible for the very popular Razor manual scooter, as well as several models of electric scooters including the razor e100 electric scooter, E200, and E300 models.
Razor also makes several other revolutionary ride toys including Dirt Rockets, Pocket Rockets, Pocket Mods, and Ground Force scooters as well as scooters for younger children. They also have action videos that follow a pro scooter group called Team Razor. Participants on Team Razor are children ages 9 to 20. They travel worldwide competing and doing scooter demonstrations.
Razor has won many awards including Toy of The Year awards from the Toy Industry Association and the following magazines: Time, Parents, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Parenting, Nick Jr., and US News and World Report.
Razor has come out with a new, improved model of electric scooters: the razor e100 electric scooter model cruises as fast as 10 miles per hour!

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